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Keep your iPhone protected with premium iPhone cases
Apple iPhones offer some of the best technology and designs in the smartphone market, but can sometimes break or crack if they fall on the ground or get damaged in water. To avoid this, users must invest in some durable cases and covers for their iPhone model. There is no dearth of cases available for the iPhone in the market and users can pick from a number of different varieties. But a major factor when choosing a case or cover for your phone s...
Posted on: 09/30/2015 - 11:28
The Ballistic Hard Core Case with Holster features a durable design with protective elements that help keep your iPhone 6 safe and sound, no matter wh...
Posted on: 09/30/2015 - 11:23
The Griffin Survivor Case has been created to meet and exceed the US Department of Defense Standard 810F and the UK Department of Defense Standard 00-...
Posted on: 09/30/2015 - 11:22
The OtterBox Defender Series iPhone 6 Case is a complete protection system for your iPhone 6 with dust, drop, screen and scratch protection. It featur...
Posted on: 09/30/2015 - 11:20
The LifeBox iPhone 6 Rugged Protection Case is a complete protection system for your iPhone and will virtually protect it from everything. With the ca...

iPhone 5 Cases

Top iPhone 5 Wristlet Cases
Investing in a wristlet case is a great idea for your Apple iPhone 5 because they are extremely versatile and will let you keep all your essentials in one place when going out. Not only are they great phone protectors, but will also allow you to keep important things like money, cards and keys, eliminating the need to carry another wallet or bag.
They come in a variety of colors, designs and materials and every one can find something of their l...
Posted on: 07/24/2015 - 07:46
The Kate Spade Designer Original Wristlet Phone Case is a great option for girls looking to add some style when carrying their iPhone. This branded wr...
Posted on: 07/24/2015 - 07:44
The Caseen Floral Clocks Women's Smartphone Wallet Clutch Wristlet Case is available in a number of colors and printed designs, making it a versatile...
Posted on: 07/24/2015 - 07:40
The True Color Magnetic Folio Wave Chevron & Anchor Printed Wallet Wristlet Purse Clutch Case Cover has a cute design and pattern and comes with m...
Posted on: 07/24/2015 - 07:38
The GMYLE Premium Luxury PU Leather Wristlet for iPhone 5/5S has been designed keeping in mind the importance of protecting your iPhone from every sid...

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Stunning Geex cases


Geex is taking cellphone protection to another level. We’re talking about great materials, a new approach on what the inside of a cellphone case could do, due to a double layer of velvety fabric that pampers your cellphone and covers it in softness, preventing hard damage.


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GoPro are expanding their vision over what a good perspective could be with a new accessory addressed to…dogs. There’s now an official GoPro harness designed to help attach the company’s action camera to your dog and capture the world from another perspective.

The new accessory is called Fetch and it retails for $60. The harness is nicely padded and fully adjustable so it can be trapped to hounds of nearly any size. Furthermore, the harness has location for both a dog’s back and chest. If you want to have an insight of what a dog’s life may be,... more

Hello from Cellz!


No matter how much you try to stay away from the craze, you cannot hold it, cannot keep it far and cannot miss at least a single shot to display a spontaneous, happy moment that shows all over your face!

The Selfie is now far from being a simple name for a simple pose, it became our new mania and the ultimate movement everyone is talking about!

Nowadays, with things moving fast, you can take your fab selfie without your hands showing awkwardly on your side or without needing a mirror.

With this portable... more


Demountable Tree Pattern Wooden Back Cover for Samsung S5

How would you dress your phone inthe proper summer feel?

Summer is here, the sun is high and the need for freedom and sunbaths makes us go high in our dreams with eyes wide open.

We prepare our swimsuits, plan holidays, release the batch of summer accessories and outfits from our closets and get ready to experience warm season at its best!

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You love your cellphone so much you perfectly dressed it with the coolest cover one could find and you enjoy it so much that you’d love to see it displayed in a different way?

Well, you can make use of your cellphone case in your own, uncommon and creative way!


Turn it in to your original make-up... more


DIY is cool, DIY is fun and DIY is everything magic you can do!

Don’t take things as they are! Imagine how your cellphone would look with some custom made drawings or some sweet and colorful rhinestones applied by your skillful hands, driven by imagination.

We have everything we need at just a fingertip away, technology makes things much easier for us but we must keep our imagination vivid and sometimes try to do things for ourselves, for our pleasure, for the fun of it.

The thing is, when you do something you like, you have some great chances to get an awesome result and for cheap also, the only investment you need to make is for some basic materials and lots of imagination, patience and... more

Hearts Pattern Hard Cover for Samsung S5


With this Apple craze, we tend to forget that some viable alternatives to tech fashion are constantly updating in terms of technology, looks and price. Take the Samsung story for example. They used to be way below the standards Apple set, in almost any aspect you could think of.

As it usually happens with second bests, they constantly try to improve and get so much better at what they do. In fewer words, second bests, as Samsung is, try harder. The results are impressive, as Samsung recently launched a new tablet, said to be even better than what Apple brought us to the table by now.... more



We live in this world of overwhelming technology, with all kinds of devices doing all sorts of things for and instead of us. We oftentimes forget there are infinite things we can do for ourselves and enjoy both the process and the result.

The DIY field not only helps us learn new things about our creative or practical skills but also displays fun and original results of what one can do with basic, simple things.

Take the wonderful loom bands for example. There are... more

You like your badass attitude and you cannot lie, your other brothers can’t deny. You walk on cool, talk with cool and dress badass cool. Well, when it comes to dressing, your cellphone needs a special case to complete your completely cool attitude.

The cellphone case fashion comes in all shapes and for all tastes, and a great case will only make your appearance more accurate in terms of style and display of your own personal sense of fashion.

The variety will help you choose what suits you best and the approach in style will suite your desires and expectations.

This Knuckle Bumper case will bring back the Donnie Brasco flavor on our contemporary times, giving a special and fearless look to your fragile, precious phone.

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The internet is screaming out loud, sharing, comparing and caring about all kinds of Father’s day gifts, offers, ultimate inventions and ideas to impress and overwhelm the dads all over the world.

The great celebration is almost here and even if you have yet to scoop up the perfect present for the main man in your life, don’t fret! It’s not about enormos budgets, sophisticated choices, complicated ideas and entangled options. It’s only about the ideal attention at an ideal price. You can keep it simple and display your love and care in a simple and affordable way.

... more


The official FIFA 2014 World cup is about to begin in the next few hours so chill your bears, prepare your best seats in pubs, gather friends around and enjoy!

World sports competitions are known to bring people together, and they are also popular for creating new trends in fashion, accessories, cellphone apps and cellphone dressing!

So check out our new super special products, designed to celebrate and complete the FIFA 2014 craze!

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Don’t elegantly waste your money on impersonal cases, when a whole new range of accessories is at your disposal at more than affordable prices and unbeatable offers. We live in the era of high technology, thus every device and platform that facilitate communication becomes part of our personalities. There are now loads of accessories especially designed for all tastes and budgets. The phone case is nevertheless a necessary and trendy accessory that every one of us not only needs but enjoys buying, as there are hundreds of thousands of uniquely created and innovative products.

And because one always wants to have the cream of the crop, here’s a sneak peek to the most elegant iPhone cases.


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Fashion Back Cover For iPhone

De gustibus non est disputandum, the old latins were saying, but when it comes to confusing a cellphone for a cereal bar or a pair of cheap silicone boobs from the sex shop around the corner, awkward seems an understatement.

With the cellphone cases offer going over the top and bursting with precious, colorful and glittery smartphone accessories, it is strange how the human mind goes way beyond the limits of common sense to create the quirkiest designs.

A phone that looks like the hi-fi copy of your breakfast not only keeps your mind thinking about food... more

The philosophy of the ordinary, mundane days has never gone as creative

everyday-objects-foods-artas you will see in the follow

All of us have turned into artists in a glimpse of a true inspirational moment. Have you ever seen your pasta sticks as unbeatable swords belonging to brave knights or your popcorn flowers as faces with crazy, afro hair? If so, than you are an emerging artist of the everyday objects.ing images. At some point we have all fallen into creativity over some dull objects and turned them into characters of a parallel universe or gave them super powers or appearances.

See here some really inspiring uses of some small, ordinary things, signed by the already famous Victor Nunes.

... more

The classic iPhone cases  will soon be overrated, as the new era of gadgets is approaching to its rise. iLuv has created the Selfy case, which represents the first cellphone case that comes equipped with a wireless remote for the built-in camera. That means you can activate the shutter button while using the better rear camera.

The good news is that you won’t have to twist and turn your hands anymore, in order to make the best picture of your beautiful face. You will be able to stand however you want, as the Selfy case has a remote especially designed for mobility.

So, when you’re in the mood for a spectacular selfie, simply slide it out to snap a photo with the classic touch of a button. Selfy is compatible with either the iPhone 5/5S or Galaxy S5, via Bluetooth connection.

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