7 Best iPhone 6 Cases For Drop Protection

7 Best iPhone 6 Cases For Drop Protection

Your iPhone 6 is alike your new best friend – you have it with you at all times and you practically need it to do everything. Then, its obvious you need to make sure that your smartphone is protected at all times.

With accidents happening all the time, and phones slipping out of the hand or falling into water, your iPhone needs some tough protection. Here’s our list of the 7 best iPhone 6 cases for drop protection.


The Griffin Survivor All Terrain Case + Belt Clip has been designed after rigorous testing to provide the maximum level of protection to your iPhone 6. It has been built keeping in mind US Department of Defense MIL-STD-810G standards and can keep your phone safe from rain, dust, drops and scratches.

Its 4-layer protection design features foam, anti shatter polycarbonate, shock absorbing silicone and built-in screen protector. All the function ports and buttons can be covered and its detachable rotating belt clip can be secured on to your belt or bag.


The Dog & Bone Wetsuit Waterproof Case with Touch ID has an IP68 rating and can protect your iPhone till 2 meters underwater for around 30 minutes. Delivering a high level of protection, using this case you can now take your phone anywhere without having to worry about it getting damaged by water.

Apart from water, this case will also protect your iPhone from dirt, sand and dust, and any scratches or accidental slips. It meets strong Military standards (MIL STD 810F) and can even be used in areas of snow and ice.


The LifeBox iPhone 6 Rugged Protection Case is a complete protection system for your iPhone and will virtually protect it from everything. With the case on your iPhone 6, you can submerge your smartphone in the water for up to 6.6’ or 2 m for 1 hour as it is completely waterproof. The case exceeds Military IP-68 Ingress protection ratings and will also keep the phone safe from dirt, snow and ice. It is also shook proof and can protect the phone from drops of 6.6' or 2 m.


The OtterBox Defender Series iPhone 6 Case is a complete protection system for your iPhone 6 with dust, drop, screen and scratch protection. It features a 3-layer protective system with a high-impact polycarbonate shell that repels bumps and shock, an exterior slipcover that cushions the device and absorbs impact and interior foam that cradles the device.

It even has a built-in screen protector that guards the phone against scratches and includes a belt-clip holster that gives extra protection on the go and keeps your hands free.


The Griffin Survivor Case has been created to meet and exceed the US Department of Defense Standard 810F and the UK Department of Defense Standard 00-35, giving your smartphone all the protection it can possibly need. It features a safe design that has been created to safeguard your iPhone 4 from the inside out.

Keeping your phone protected from extreme conditions, the case is built on a shatter-resistant polycarbonate frame that features a rugged and shock absorbing silicone cover. It also has a built-in screen protector and detachable heavy-duty clip that can be attached to a belt or bag strap for convenience of carrying your iPhone.


The Spigen Heavy Duty Tough Armor Case has Military-Grade Protection level of MIL-STD 810G 516.6 and provides intense fortification to your iPhone 6. It features a dual layer and air cushion technology and is equipped with an anti-stretch TPU and durable polycarbonate.

It has 4-point rear guards for back panel protection and a 0.6mm lip on the front to keep the screen safe. Featuring a slim design, its air cushion corners and spider web pattern shock absorption keeps the smartphone protected from drops and scratches.


The Ballistic Hard Core Case with Holster features a durable design with protective elements that help keep your iPhone 6 safe and sound, no matter what. It has a built-in screen protector that keeps the screen scratch less and a shock-absorbent polymer layer that does not lets falls and drops impact the phone’s body.

The Hextec protective technology is great to keep the phone intact even if it accidentally drops from the hand and there is even an optional outer silicone layer. It also has a rugged holster with swivel cup.

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