Best iPhone Camera Case And Lens Kit

Best iPhone Camera Case And Lens Kit

Over the years, each new generation of iPhone has got better camera qualities, with the latest Apple iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus being the best. But for people who want to take spectacular pictures, there are a few add-ons that you can but to attach to your iPhone’s lens to enhance the image quality and better your pictures.

Most of these lens kits come with their own hard case for added protection for your iPhone. Have a look at our list of the best iPhone camera case and lens kit.


The Moment Wide Lens are available in 60mm telephoto and 18mm wide angle and have been known to create some of the pictures that have ben take using a smartphone camera. They can be used with different iPhone cases and models, as well as the iPad, making it diverse and easy to use. With a solid build-quality they are sturdy and easy to attach. 


The Olloclip's 4-in-1 Lens features wide-angle, fish-eye and macro lenses (10x and 15x), which can be used with the front as well as the back camera. It has a strong image quality that works well with the iPhone cameras and helps in enhancing your pictures. You also have the option of carrying the lens kit in more ways than one as you can easily use it with an attachable keychain clip, lanyard or cloth drawstring bag.


The Manfrotto Klyp Three Lens Kit features landscape, fisheye and portrait lens and even has a case base for extra protection. The lens can easily be attached on to it by using a threaded screw mount. The 1.5x portrait lens is also one of the best in the market right now since it helps in decreasing the chromatic aberration.


The Ztylus Metal Camera Kit features a rotating lens module as well as a rugged plastic case. The whole kit gives you the feel of a very authentic DSLR camera. It will let you switch between 4 different lenses, which can be removed by twisting and flicking it off. You can also use the case with a handy kickstand when the lens isn’t attached to it. the case itself comes in multiple finishes and colors, matching everyone’s style.


The Hitcase Pro For iPhone 5S/5C/5 features a rugged exterior that helps in protecting your smartphone from elements like dust and is waterproof till 33 feet underwater, with the function for calling, texting and taking pictures still available. It has a 3x super wide-angle lens that will let you capture spread-out shots easily. Fro instance, this lens kit will be perfect for shooting picture when surfing as you don’t have the time to compose a shot.


The Olloclip Iphone Telephoto Lens is one of the best traditional telephoto lens available in the market and has the ability it provide 2x magnification with the least amount of distortion and the best sharpness possible. Its circular polarizer helps in getting rid of distracting elements such as glare and reflections, while also refining color saturation.