iPhone 6 Cases

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Keep your iPhone protected with premium iPhone cases
Apple iPhones offer some of the best technology and designs in the smartphone market, but can sometimes break or crack if they fall on the ground or get damaged in water. To avoid this, users must invest in some durable cases and covers for their iPhone model. There is no dearth of cases available for the iPhone in the market and users can pick from a number of different varieties. But a major factor when choosing a case or cover for your phone s...
Posted on: 09/30/2015 - 11:28
The Ballistic Hard Core Case with Holster features a durable design with protective elements that help keep your iPhone 6 safe and sound, no matter wh...
Posted on: 09/30/2015 - 11:23
The Griffin Survivor Case has been created to meet and exceed the US Department of Defense Standard 810F and the UK Department of Defense Standard 00-...
Posted on: 09/30/2015 - 11:22
The OtterBox Defender Series iPhone 6 Case is a complete protection system for your iPhone 6 with dust, drop, screen and scratch protection. It featur...
Posted on: 09/30/2015 - 11:20
The LifeBox iPhone 6 Rugged Protection Case is a complete protection system for your iPhone and will virtually protect it from everything. With the ca...

iPhone 5 Cases

Top iPhone 5 Wristlet Cases
Investing in a wristlet case is a great idea for your Apple iPhone 5 because they are extremely versatile and will let you keep all your essentials in one place when going out. Not only are they great phone protectors, but will also allow you to keep important things like money, cards and keys, eliminating the need to carry another wallet or bag.
They come in a variety of colors, designs and materials and every one can find something of their l...
Posted on: 07/24/2015 - 07:46
The Kate Spade Designer Original Wristlet Phone Case is a great option for girls looking to add some style when carrying their iPhone. This branded wr...
Posted on: 07/24/2015 - 07:44
The Caseen Floral Clocks Women's Smartphone Wallet Clutch Wristlet Case is available in a number of colors and printed designs, making it a versatile...
Posted on: 07/24/2015 - 07:40
The True Color Magnetic Folio Wave Chevron & Anchor Printed Wallet Wristlet Purse Clutch Case Cover has a cute design and pattern and comes with m...
Posted on: 07/24/2015 - 07:38
The GMYLE Premium Luxury PU Leather Wristlet for iPhone 5/5S has been designed keeping in mind the importance of protecting your iPhone from every sid...

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Should you invest in an iPhone case?

After you get your first iPhone, many people have the mental debate of whether they want to invest in an iPhone case or not. Most argue that they would like to flaunt their shiny new Apple toy without hiding its logo, while others are of the opinion that the phone’s safety is the first order of business.

If you too find yourself in this dilemma, then here are a couple of reasons you should consider buying a case for your Apple iPhone.

  • Protection - starting with the obvious, the case will definitely keep your phone protected and ensure it doesn’t get cracked or scratched if something happens.
  • Style statement - having an iPhone is cool enough, but flaunting a unique and retro phone case on it is even cooler!
  • Multifunctional - phone cases these days aren’t just that and have evolved to so much more. Many cases double as portable power banks or wallets. Some even have a retractable keyboard!
  • Differentiation -... more
Make new friends in an innovative way!

Many times due to our busy work schedules, we forget to keep up with friends and over the years, we see fewer and fewer of them. While this is a natural progression of social relationships, there comes a time when everyone feels lonely or bored with the people you are hanging out with. Whether you are looking for a new friend or person to meet, or simply want to explore new friendships, there are some cool options for you.

A great new venture that targets this problem is Just Happy Hours, which is an application catered to people looking for new friends. It is a non-dating app that is not just beneficial for the people using it but also for restaurants and investors of the app.

The innovative platform combines the best of all worlds and creates a place for people to meet, and businesses to thrive. It works by letting users sign up to the app and find restaurants nearby that are... more

Samsung Upcoming Phones Price & Specs

The Samsung is one of the best Android mobile phone manufacturing company in the world. There was a time when Symbion phone ruled over the mobile market and Samsung wasn't the top brand when Android OS came out Samsung started to become the king of the mobile market. Samsung has introduced and released a variety of mobile phone under different price range. The Samsung Galaxy S and Note Series phones are said to be the expensive mobile phones as they come at a high price as compared to the Galaxy Series phones. There is a large no of Samsung upcoming phones in the pipeline of the Korean Mobile Company.

Samsung phones are made up of top specs which make the mobile device run faster and smoother as compared to the other mobile brands. Some of the most awaited Samsung upcoming phones are Samsung Galaxy S10, Note 9 and C10. These Samsung Phones are for a long time in the rumors and... more

quality ringtones

It feels great to own an iPhone, mostly because it’s a masterpiece and its reputation reeks of greatness. But it won’t be long before you realize that’s not all the satisfaction you need. There’s more, and among the things, you might need is a quality iPhone ringtone.

Very few amongst us would sit well with a situation in which we find ourselves or those around us really distracted by our phone’s ringtone. It could be in a train, bus, event, family gathering or a public space.

Well, if the ringtone is uncomfortably loud, harsh, and annoying to those around you, you certainly need a change, specifically a ringtone that is attractive to listen to as well as quick and easy to download.

Think of it: A ringtone that is not only good for the ears but also the type that compliments your personality, mood, or other aspects you care about... more

Forex, also referred to as foreign exchange, FX or money trading, is a decentralized global marketplace where all of the world's currencies trade.
All the world's combined stock markets do not come close to this. 
However, what does this mean to you personally?
Take a closer look at forex trading and you might get some exciting trading opportunities available with other investments.
To have a full trading you can use Forex VPS.
If you have ever traveled overseas, you've made a currency transaction. 
Take a trip to France and also you convert your pounds into euros.
Whenever you do this, the forex exchange rate between both currencies - based on supply and demand determines the number of euros you get on your pounds. 
And the foreign exchange rate fluctuates continuously.
 ... more
Why Buying A 17-Inch Laptop Is A Good Idea

Laptops have come a long way and now come with very advanced and cool features. When switching from a computer or PC many people opt for smaller and thinner laptops, but if you want to accurately replace your computer, buying a bigger 17-inch laptop is the better way to go.

Ultimately, the decision should rest on the actual use of the laptop and its features, but there are many reasons why a 17-inch laptop can make a great buy.

A bigger laptop will give you a similar feel like a computer due to the size of the screen and the keyboard, and help in bettering your user experience. A bigger screen also means, a better way to watch your media like videos and pictures, and who doesn’t want that!

Larger laptops also come with better screen resolutions and hardware and software features, most of which are usually upgradable. This gives you a wider usage for them and provides a way for owners to use the laptop... more

NTW Designs Company: New Web Trends To Look Out For this Winter Season

Web design is one of the hottest topic today on the internet. Every company strives to find that perfect design to achieve success and have a great site to present to their clients on the web. However, there are some very specific new web trends to look out for. Read Below.

6 Web Design Trends To Wrap Up The Winter Season

There are six great trends that the web design company ( ntwdesigns) has provided below to wrap up this holiday season!

Video Backgrounds

Video backgrounds present a great first impression for the average first time web visitor. Video backgrounds are primarily combined with the one page layout. Video backgrounds produce great results and... more

Buying Mobile Accessories In Switzerland

Most times buying mobile phone accessories becomes more exciting than buying the new smartphone itself! Many new mobile phone users are always on the look out for smart and stylish mobile accessories and gadgets, to ensure that their new investment does not get dented accidently or get scratches and water damage.

Mobile accessories like covers, cases and bumpers are easily available all over the Internet but the main criteria for the purchase is always a cheaper price tag – and why not? After spending hundreds on the new smartphone, not every one will be comfortable spending too much money on a new accessory as well.

This is why a lot of shoppers look for Chinese websites that sell mobile accessories at low rates. While the price of the products is very suitable, shipping costs and custom duties, along with the fear of the product being of bad quality and design is always a big problem.

Thankfully for customers... more

Improve Cell Phone Reception With A Signal Booster!

Not having a cell phone signal at home is a very big problem. As soon as you enter your home and see the ‘no network’ signal, you have to keep leaning over windowsills and balcony railings just to get one bar in order to receive an important text or make a phone call.

This is extremely difficult in times of need or an emergency and having the luxury of sitting comfortably on your bed and making a call should not be impossible. If you too face such an issue at your house, then using a cell phone signal booster for home can help you.

Signal boosters help in amplifying the available signal to make it strong enough to cover the expanse of your home. They use existing signal from neighboring cell towers and boost it by rebroadcasting, thus amplifying the signal.

You can easily enhance the signal of different carriers at the same time and don’t need different... more

Top iPhone 5 Wristlet Cases

Investing in a wristlet case is a great idea for your Apple iPhone 5 because they are extremely versatile and will let you keep all your essentials in one place when going out. Not only are they great phone protectors, but will also allow you to keep important things like money, cards and keys, eliminating the need to carry another wallet or bag.


They come in a variety of colors, designs and materials and every one can find something of their liking! Here are the top wristlet cases fro you to buy.... more



LG is on its way of humanizing technology with a brand new, diverse and filled with personality set of cellphones. They are obviously trying to get a hold on a completely new niche, raising the standards in terms of what mobile technology means nowadays. You can now offer a name and a set of emotional attributes to your new LG cellphone just by slipping on a special case on the back of it.

The AKA line is a set of characters by LG, namely four personalities who carry a name and a face for the newly released cellphones. The new LG cellphone comes in four colors and four shapes for the cute animations it displays. These cuteness overdoses are built into the very cellphones and are meant to mellow your... more


No matter the way in which you choose to live your life, your very existence will teach you some valuable lessons and the best you can do is take them for granted and not ever forget about those precious life lessons. When we’re on a downside path, we must keep our eyes open to see the signs and hidden messages our very destinies are sending to us. Most of the times, these very signs are the root to a fulfilling life and to a better way of understanding the mysterious workings of the universe.

... more


Halloween is coming! Why don’t you buy something special for your phone to match this unique holiday?
See here 2 cool & creepy skull costumes for your phone. You just have to try them!

Take them for yourself or give them to someone dear to you!

And another, juicy thing: online you'll find other hot, useful products, creepy or not, that have... more



Probably you have already heard about Hyperlapse, the cool iPhone app that lets you make creative videos.

You might want to read this blog post if you're on Android and being frustrated that you can't make your videos as cool as iPhone users.

3 Toys to play with

The thing is Android users do have some interesting Hyperlapse alternatives.

You want popular video clips? Here is what you have to do:

  1. Search for time-lapse video apps on Google Play;
  2. Buy smart cell accessories that will help you... more


GoPro’s fans have a lot to celebrate! New GoPro Cameras will go on sale starting this Sunday (5th of October). These new releases have different price levels, in order to widen up company’s customers network.
The most interesting new device is, by far, the Hero 4 Black which might be a bit expensive for some. This Hero costs $500 and if it worths all that money, we’re about to see.

It does appear to have promising features even professionals would like to test. For example, Hero 4 Black can shoot a 4k Video at 30 fps but also at 120 fps when set to a 1080 Full HD. It seems it also delivers a better audio experience than the previous devices including GoPro Hero 3+ Black.

Hero 4 is provided with WiFi and... more

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