Make new friends in an innovative way!

Make new friends in an innovative way!

Many times due to our busy work schedules, we forget to keep up with friends and over the years, we see fewer and fewer of them. While this is a natural progression of social relationships, there comes a time when everyone feels lonely or bored with the people you are hanging out with. Whether you are looking for a new friend or person to meet, or simply want to explore new friendships, there are some cool options for you.

A great new venture that targets this problem is Just Happy Hours, which is an application catered to people looking for new friends. It is a non-dating app that is not just beneficial for the people using it but also for restaurants and investors of the app.

The innovative platform combines the best of all worlds and creates a place for people to meet, and businesses to thrive. It works by letting users sign up to the app and find restaurants nearby that are associated with the program. Users can then select a restaurant and create a Happy Hour event or even join an existing one going on. Other users will be notified of this event and will show up to it. You can also get notified for RSVPs so you know who is coming and who is not.

It creates a fun and no pressure environment where users aren’t expected to do anything. They can come to the event as they please and even leave whenever they want. Whether you are new in town, out on business or simply looking to be more social, the Just Happy Hours app can be the best bet!

Restaurants also benefit from this app because allowing the users to create and post Happy Hour events means getting new and returning customers to your restaurant! People gathering there will obviously order food and drinks and help the place profit. Restaurant profiles can be created for free on the app and they can also add details about their Late Night Happy Hours and Special Events to their profile, or set up their own events.

Investors too can benefit from this because the app solves some main issues in the market regarding this niche right now. The Just Happy Hours app offers a platform that is conducive to authentic friendships and even provides opportunities to increase restaurant revenue while increasing Return on Investment (ROI).

Whatever your reason is for using the Just Happy Hours app, it is a great platform to bring together people from different backgrounds and create a sense of community and friendship!

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