Be proud with 3 smart cases


Wouldn't be nice if you could open you beer bottle with your iPhone case? Or if you could slice your sandwich, loosen a bolt with it or speak while you run? Well, you can do all these if you buy 3 smart multifunctional iPhone cases available online.

Are they for me?

When we speak of mobile phone cases, we think of protection. But, the truth is these items may do a little bit more for you. As we can see it, a smartphone is not just a phone, so a case may not be just a simple case.

Okay, the case you choose to buy depends 100% on your character. Some multipurpose items may just be too much for traditional individuals. But if you like fishing for the most useful items online, you'll be glad if your phone case has some extra features.

See below some interesting products we recommend carrying around. Apart from the knife and can opener iPhone case, which may be a little too much, the multipurpose cases we recommend look good. And add value to your life.

3 handy products

Sport Armband For iPhone - Black

If you're into sports, then you must try the Sport Armband made for iPhone! It is a cheap product made of quality fabric. This item provides complete protection for your phone. It also allows listening to music or making a conversation while jogging or whatever you like doing.

180-Degree Rotating Holster Clip iPhone 4 & 4S Case - Black

A second best buy would be the 180-degree rotating holster clip iPhone case. This will let you watch movies or take video calls hands-free. It is a sturdy case made of high-quality, durable material. Like any other high-quality case, it protects your phone from drops, bumps, scratches etc.

2400mAh Capacity Portable Case Charger for iPhone 5 & 5S - White

Last but not least is the Portable Case Charger for iPhone 5 and 5S. As you know, iPhones have poor battery life, so this item proves to be useful for an Apple phone user. Portable case charger has a 2400 mAh capacity, comes in white and lets you access all functions and buttons of your iPhone. You can lay your eyes on its full specs here.

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