Boost sound fast & easy

Lemur Shape Cute Mini Speaker with Lighting Ears - White

Tell me if that sounds familiar:

It’s Sunday. A regular Sunday. You’re in bed, wrapped like a burrito in your blanket.
You’re dying to see a movie. Seeing movies is the perfect thing to do on weekdays as this doesn't need much brain.
But your computer sound is lousy. And you just can’t make it any better.

How to boost it?

Well, you could use portable speakers that will boost the sound on your device. These products come in various sizes and connect via Bluetooth, WiFi or cable.
Smallest products are easy to take with you on a trip, for example. When the passengers on the other seats snore like there’s no tomorrow.

Most portable speakers suit a wide range of devices like:

  • mobile phones,
  • tablets,
  • phablets,
  • laptops
  • and even dinosaurs like desktop computers.

When you buy a portable speaker, make sure to check the product has:

  1. a good battery,
  2. an omnidirectional sound,
  3. a connectivity that suits you, whether this is a USB cable, Bluetooth, WiFi, AirPlay etc.
  4. you buy it from a company that offers you support and other advantages like free shipping, easy refunds.

Ready to buy one? Check out this mini speaker Lemur shaped. It works on a wide range of devices and its battery capacity is more than satisfying (500 mAh; play back time: 2-3 hours).
It even comes with a lot of crazy stickers so you can dress it as you please.
And another great news: it is a great match for iPhone 6 like many other premium accessories.