Case for iPhone – The DIY fun of it!


DIY is cool, DIY is fun and DIY is everything magic you can do!

Don’t take things as they are! Imagine how your cellphone would look with some custom made drawings or some sweet and colorful rhinestones applied by your skillful hands, driven by imagination.

We have everything we need at just a fingertip away, technology makes things much easier for us but we must keep our imagination vivid and sometimes try to do things for ourselves, for our pleasure, for the fun of it.

The thing is, when you do something you like, you have some great chances to get an awesome result and for cheap also, the only investment you need to make is for some basic materials and lots of imagination, patience and purposefulness!


Buy a simple cellphone case, get some watercolors or some colorful rhinestones and let the magic happen! You can actually apply anything you want on your soon-to-be-the-coolest cellphone case. you can draw on it, stick delicate and fun objects on it or simply paint it in your favorite color.