How to calm down fast and easy


All those who ever tried to meditate know this business is hard. Only few of us managed to stop their thoughts fooling around in their minds. And only after serious training. And all these persons became gurus. Of how many gurus have you heard about? 4? 5? Exactly. For the rest of us, mortals, trying to escape every day stress is a tricky, hard mission.

Gadgets are everywhere, telling us what toothpaste to choose. Somebody though it would be nice to have a gadget to show us how to calm down too. They named this invention Muse.
Just connect Muse via Bluetooth, put on the sci-fi headband and launch the app. The app will guide you through a focused-attention exercise you would have to practice at least 3 minutes a day, for best results.

This technology tries to teach us how to keep calm and focused when dealing with stressful situations. When on, the app brings you into a virtual environment, where the weather reflects the state of your mind. If your thoughts start wondering around again, the weather changes and becomes cloudy and moody. To get the sun back, you have to refocus. Ha! Easy peasy.

High Quality Soft Over Ear Headphones - Grey


Muse tries to move meditation forward and combines traditional techniques with gaming strategies. Thus, using this app you can access, at some point, interesting features like birds singing some lullaby.
If you ask us, Muse can be useful but it costs a fortune – almost $300. Knowing you've made such hole in your budget can scary that sun for a long time. Wouldn't you like to try something cheaper instead? Just buy yourself a pair of big, high-quality, soft headphones.

Get somewhere where you can be alone, close the door with a key and eat it, like Tom cat, if you have to. Browse some nice meditation music online, sit on your mat in a yoga position, close your eyes and breathe. Try focus on the song, rather than killing your thoughts. If your thoughts still bug you, listen to a guided meditation that will teach more about how to get away of your daily to-do lists.
Good luck!