It's a case for autumn cases for your cellphone!



Farewell sweet summer, farewell colorful flip flops, generous décolletages, sandy beaches and crazy outfits. Our wardrobes fade in color, our accessories lessen and our cellphone cases need to match our new outfits. The autumn collection for our darling mobile phones brings paler shades, light designs with fresh finishing and strong protection qualities, of course.
We all know that cellphone cases are far from being just a protective accessory, nowadays they represent a rather cool approach on personal style and a nice way to bring some fun and color to our mobile friends.

So, as our outfits become more serious and faded in designs, so do our cellphone cases. Keep in mind that beyond the beautiful face a protective case brings, we must invest in something that properly keeps it away from all those calamities as drops, spills, scratches or any other unfortunate event that may do harm to our cellphones. We surely don’t want that as it’s a fact that the price of a smartphone can easily be compared to the price of a nice finished piece of jewelry.

Below you’ll see three approaches on how a cool cellphone case could look, feel and properly make it for a fair and nice cellphone cover at its finest.

Gradient Color Hard Case for iPhone 5 & 5S


This pale shade and simple design will nicely fit to your office outfit and will add a bit of discrete glamorous touch to the look of your cellphone. It’s simple, elegant and classy and it comes for a pretty good price.

Scenery Print Hard Cover for iPhone 5 & 5S

The bohemian chic case for your cellphone has a sweet and nice summer remembrance feel, and some nice and warm shades that will be beautifully displayed on the backside of your cellphone. It will perfectly match with your autumn wandering outfit.


Flower Girly Back Cover For iPhone 5 & 5S



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