The Top 5 iPhone 6 Accessories of 2015

Accessorizing your iPhone 6 is fun and maximises the benefits of the new features the iPhone 6 has to offer. The following top five iPhone 6 accessories will remind you why you fell in love with the iPhone 6.

Personalized Phone Case

Even though the iPhone 6 is sturdier than ever, it is still a costly investment that needs high-quality protection. A personalized phone case is the newest way to protect your new phone while also allowing you to create a customized design that has personal meaning to you. The days of boring solid color bulky phone cases are over. Personalized phone cases come in hard cases or faux leather, both offering sleek and stylish protection.

Creating a case is quick and easy using online apps. The cases can be customized by visiting using websites like this. The app is easy to use and you can even upload your images from popular social media sites. The printing quality is superb, making sure your images are exactly like you want them to be on your case.

Clip-On Camera Lenses

The iPhone 6 camera is the best camera out of all of the iPhones. The camera has superior specifications and automatic features that help any level of photographer capture high-quality photos. In order to enhance the camera, a clip-on camera lens can take your photographs to the next level. Clip-on camera lenses are easy to attach to your iPhone and can help you get stunning photographs that even your DSLR point and shoot camera may not be able to capture. The lenses are convenient and affordable.

Bluetooth Speakers

Another top accessory is Bluetooth speakers. These speakers allow you to fill your quarters with your favorite music and songs. Most Bluetooth speakers created for the iPhone 6 also have USB plugs to help you transfer data. The speakers are portable and can be used solely in your home or wherever you go.

Glass Screen Protector

Your iPhone 6 deserves to be protected all around and the screen is no exception. A glass screen protector is a great way to safeguard your screen. There is nothing worse than a scratched and cracked phone screen. Fortunately, the new iPhone 6 glass screen protectors can provide the highest level of protection to keep your phone screen safe. The glass mirrors the original design of the phone making it look natural.

Car Mount Holder

A car mount for the iPhone 6 is another accessory worth investing in particularly for those who drive on a regular basis. Since the iPhone has such neat features such as Bluetooth capabilities that can help it connect to your car, the car mount allows you to safely utilise those features. You can connect to the navigation and stream live music without holding the phone in your hand, which is illegal in most places. The mount also helps protect your phone from being dropped while the car is moving around. 

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